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New: Upload FHX file!
And generate a bitmap image of your Procedural / Sequential Function Chart...

Documentation of DeltaV Phase Classes, Operations, Unit Procedures and Procedures straight from a DeltaV system has always been cumbersome. That's why we developed a framework from where we can automatically document these batch objects from DeltaV import/export (FHX) files.

Also editing of these objects isn't very quick in DeltaV, so we developed a method to export them to Excel workbooks. After updating in Excel, we can re-import into our framework, and generate new FHX to update the objects in DeltaV. The batch objects can be created in Excel from scratch through references to DeltaV code snippets with parameters (e.g., a code snippet for an action to start a variable speed motor at a certain speed, including confirmation and transition; a code snippet for actions to present the operator with a prompt, including confirmation and transitions to handle different replies)

Demo Formula Editor Available!
We now have demo available of the Formula Editor. This application allows you to generate an Excel workbook with Formula data, that - after updating in Excel - can be imported back into the application again, after which a DeltaV Export File (FHX) can be generated to update the Formula in DeltaV.

The framework allows for storing / retrieving the batch objects in / from a SQL Server database. We can also store I/O lists in that same database, so we can combine this information with Class information to come to, e.g., Control Module Instance lists to be approved by the end-user. After approval we can directly generate FHX files for Control Module instantiation - without having to go through bulk-edit.

Finally, we can generate CHM Compiled Help Files that provide an offline view of configurations

Batch-A Framework

Sample Documents
If you want a sample document for one of your project's (Command Driven) Equipment Module Classes, Phase Classes or Recipes, send us a ZIP-ped FHX of the batch object, the name of your project and desired paper size (A4, A3, Letter, or Tabloid), and we'll send you the document ASAP.