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Equipment Module Classes

For (Command Driven) Equipment Module Classes we generate documents from the following:

Document Generation

Excel Workbook

The Excel Workbook has different Worksheets that define the document to be generated. The main Worksheet allows rows for:

Document Data Excel Workbook

The Workbook also contains a Worksheet where Custom Document Properties may be defined. These properties may be used in field codes that are referred to from Paragraphs, Captions, Headings, etc.

Word Template

The Word Template is a .docx document with custom Header (with Customer logo, for instance) and Footer. It may have certain Document Properties, which may be updated from data in the Excel Workbook. New Document Properties may be added from Excel. It should have certain Styles defined, e.g., Heading1, Heading2, HeadNoNumber, TableText, TableHeading, Caption, Normal, etc.

FHX File

The FHX file should be generated off one or more (Command Driven) Equipment Module Classes.