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As mentioned in the introduction, we can export batch objects to Excel workbooks, and re-import these after updating. (no Excel required)

For Recipes, for example, workbooks are created with the following Sheets

During the course of projects, Phase Class Input and Report Parameters may be added, modified or deleted. Using our approach, it is easy to update Operations, Unit Procedures and Procedures to handle these changes, and update deferral / referral of these changed parameters. The Recipe can be exported to Excel with new Formula Parameters added based on certain configurable rules. Ranges, default values, Named Set values, etc., are obtained from Phase Class FHX. If required, the Excel file can be further updated, then imported back into the framework, after which updated FHX can be generated.

Here is an example Excel workbook for the PRC_PAINT Procedure as per DeltaV's Batch Demo. Here is one for the PRC_PAINT - DARK Formula for that same Procedure.